Australian Physics

ISSN 1036-3831

The AIP publishes the magazine Australian Physics in order to promote the role of physics in research, education, industry and the community. Since the publication of the first issue in 1964 there have been several name changes:

  Australian Physicist vol 1, 1964- vol 27, 1990
  The Australian and New Zealand Physicist vol 28 1991 – vol 35 1998
  The Physicist vol 36, 1999 – vol 42(1), 2005
  Australian Physics vol 42(2) 2005  – present

AIP members receive a copy of the magazine. Copies of past issues are placed on the AIP website one year after publication.

We encourage members of the Australian physics community to contribute articles and news items for publication. As Australian Physics is not a peer-reviewed research publication, we cannot accept articles containing the results of original research that has not already been published in the peer-reviewed literature.

If you would like to write an article for Australian Physics, submit a news item, or discuss advertising opportunities please contact the editor via

Please also refer to our Article Template and Guidelines and Advertising Rates for further information.

Proceedings from Meetings

Individual topical groups occasionally publish collected papers from their individual meetings or from their sessions in Congress.  The Condensed Matter and Materials (CMM) Group also publish papers from their annual meetings here.

Promoting the role of Physics in research, education, industry and the community