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WA Branch Committee

A record of the current and past WA AIP branch committee members. 

WA 2024 Committee 

  • Chair: Ben Travaglione,
  • Vice Chair: Matthew Young
  • Treasurer:  Almantas Pivrikas,
  • Secretary: Emma Paterson,
  • Events coordinator: Matthew Young,
  • Committee:  Andrea Biondo,  Bruce Gardiner, Diana Tomazos, Gerd Schroeder-Turk, Jingbo Wang, John Brookes, John Chapman, John Waghorn, Pouran Naseri, Stephanie Black, Vince Wallace, Michael Millar, Hannah Bygrave, Sarah Bruzzese, Ryan van den Berg

    PEG: John Brookes

    Student Conference Organisers: Emma Paterson, John Tanner, Robert Crew, Sonali Parashar, Starsha Odelia

WA 2023 Committee  

  • Chair: Jingbo Wang
  • Treasurer:  Almantas Pivrikas
  • Secretary: Benjamin Stone
  • Events coordinator: Matthew Young
  • Committee: Andrea Biondo, Bruce Gardiner, Diana Tomasos, Gerd Schroeder-Turk, John Waghorn, Dr. Pouran N Hudson, Stephanie Black, John Brooks, John Chapman, Stuart Midgley
  • Student Conference Organisers: Benjamin Stone, Elrina Hartman, Daniel Hutchings

WA 2022 Committee  

The AIP WA Branch held its AGM on the 26th November 2020 and elected a new Committee as follows:
  • Chair: Stuart Midgley
  • Vice Chair: Pourandokht Naseri
  • Treasurer:  Almantas Pivrikas
  • Secretary: Stephanie Black 
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