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The Einstein Lecture is an annual public event run by the NSW Branch of The Australian Institute of Physics during the past 15 years. Distinguished speakers have covered a wide range of topics with an emphasis on Einstein’s ideas and their consequences for physics and technology today. Topics can range from quantum computing to plasma physics to astrophysics. The aim of the talks is to generate interest by exciting the audience to the wonders of physics by providing the most recent advances by world experts.

Past AIP Einstein Lectures include notable speakers such as Michelle Simmons and Lawrence Krauss (world renowned theoretical astrophysicist) where audiences have exceeded 700. In 2020, the Einstein Lecture featuring Professor Katrin Meissner (UNSW), Prof Chris Tinney (UNSW) and Prof Martin van Kranendonk (UNSW) had an online audience of over 1000. The 2021 Science Week at UNSW included another Einstein Lecture on 17 August, where A/Prof Graeme Melville did the Introductions followed by Prof Sarah Brough (UNSW), Prof Iver Cairns (USyd) and A/Prof Susanna Guatelli (U of Woll.). The topic was ‘Space Weather and the Path to Mars’.

Some past Einstein Lecture links and Flyers are listed:


2018 Einstein Lecture - Prof Michelle Simmons                                                    

2018 Einstein Lecture - Dr Fred Osman, Prof Michelle Simmons, A/Prof Graeme Melville

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