Promoting the role of Physics in research, education, industry and the community

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About the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP)

The AIP is a organisation dedicated to promoting the role of physics in research, education, industry and the community by:

  • representing and promoting the physics community to government and other legislative or policy-making bodies
  • organising meetings and conferences on research and professional topics;
  • promoting and supporting physics teaching and education in schools, colleges and universities;
  • encouraging investment in government and industrial research;
  • setting and supporting professional standards and qualifications in physics;
  • identifying and supporting the needs of physicists in all sectors of employment;
  • recognising distinguished contributions to physics.
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What is the AIP?

History of the AIP

Since it was formed in 1963, evolving from the Australian Branch of the IOP, the AIP has served the needs and interests of professional physicists, and those with an interest in physics.  The history of the AIP was presented in the magazine in 2007 & 2008: Part 1Part 2 & Part 3. (Do you have historical information about the AIP? As there are gaps in some of our records the AIP would be pleased to hear from anyone who may be able to assist, especially for the items listed here.)


The AIP is a Not-for-Profit association  run by volunteers and registered with the The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. The AIP is made up of central Federal Executive, Australian Branch committees, Physics Group committees, the Australian Physics magazine editors, an Operations team, a Communications team, a book-keeper and many amazing volunteers in-between!

A record of past AIP Federal Executive may be found here. Our Committee page outlines our current AIP team.


The AIP is governed by a constitution, written by the Federal Executive of the AIP.

Code of Ethics

The AIP has a code of ethics by which its members must, within reason, abide.

Code of Conduct

The AIP has a code of conduct all members must abide for the safety and equity in our physics community.

Science Policies

The AIP developed its Science Policy as a platform to support the role of Australian Physics in industry, education, research and the community.

Privacy Policy

The AIP has developed a Privacy Policy by which it must do its best to uphold and abide.


The AIP supports universities in providing high-quality education, by offering accreditations of physics courses.


The AIP supports the Australian physics community  by standing up for and upholding the rights, values and passion of scientists in Australia and around the world.

Advertising Hub

The AIP provides advertising opportunities for businesses on our website and in our Australian Physics magazine.

Partner Organisations

Partner organisations that work with the AIP.

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