Theoretical Physics (TPG)

The TP Group in the Australian Institute of Physics is focused on all areas of theoretical physics, from elementary particles in the quantum realm to the universe, and everything in between. Many, if not all, of these areas have an overlap with the other AIP topical groups. Purely theoretical studies in physics have lead to amazing technological changes in society, including computers and satellite communication.

Who can join the TP Group?

Any members of the AIP who are interested in theoretical physics can join the TP Group as part of their AIP membership at no extra charge. To sign up to the TP Group,  login to the Membership portal, then click on Theoretical Physics (TPG) under Topical Groups in your Membership Profile.  Please take the time to do this as it gives the AIP a gauge of how much interest there is in TP across Australia and beyond.

AIP Theoretical Physics Seminar Series

Organisers: Murray Batchelor (ANU), Nicole Bell (Melbourne), Gavin Brennan (Macquarie), Eric Cavalcanti (Griffith), Susan Coppersmith (UNSW), Archil Kobakhidze (Sydney), Sergei Kuzenko (UWA), Karen Livesey (Newcastle), Meera Parish (Monash), Margaret Reid (Swinburne), James Zanotti (Adelaide), Magdalena Zych (UQ)

(1) Dark Matter Puzzles from Indirect Searches, Tracy Slatyer (MIT), Friday 28 May 11am AEST

Link to video recording.

(2) Are misbehaving muons taking us beyond the Standard Model of particle physics? Raymond Volkas (Melbourne), Thursday 17 June 1pm AEST

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