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Bronze Bragg Presentation and Free Public Lecture

6:30 pm, Tuesday February 16th 2021
The Braggs lecture theatre, Braggs building,
University of Adelaide (North Terrace campus)

“Penrose, Singularities and Black Holes: The Nobel Prize in Physics 2020”

Professor Susan Scott
Australian National University

Professor Susan Scott


In this talk we explore the 20th century story of black holes. Originally black holes were thought to be an undesirable artefact of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, but Penrose’s powerful singularity theorem of the 1960s turned that way of thinking on its head. As a result, we now believe our Universe to be full of black holes. As one of the greatest achievements in theoretical physics, Penrose’s breakthrough led to his receipt of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2020. We will see how this Nobel Prize intimately connects with the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for the first direct detection of gravitational waves

The Bronze Bragg medals and merit certificates will be presented at the lecture.

The medals are awarded for highest achievement in Physics in 2020 in the SACE Stage 2 assessments and IB Higher Level Physics, with certificates being for students who achieved a merit or a grade of 7.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seats are limited and bookings are essential through the Eventbrite link: