2019 NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award – Now Open

The Australian Institute of Physics in New South Wales has instituted this annual award as a means to recognise the work of individuals for community outreach to the discipline of physics. This Award seeks to acknowledge an individual, with a clearly notable record of work in contributing to outreach, physics education, and has demonstrated passion for the study of physics in New South Wales.

The NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award will be presented each year following a selection from the list of those nominated for the Award. The Award will be awarded to individuals that seek to achieve activities that engage our community and contribute to public engagement within physics. The Award is open to everyone in NSW and will consist of a $500 monetary award, and a certificate citing the achievements of the individual.


Eligibility and Criteria

The nomination should show that the individual being nominated for the Award is engaged within physics and has:

  • Worked to engage the academic community to physics or academic pursuits.
  • Effectively developed community events for the public, or other activities that engage our physics community.
  • Increased awareness, knowledge and experiential learning opportunities for students in relation to physics community development and grassroots work.


Nominations for this Award will close on Friday 11th October 2019.

A statement of up to 500 words outlining the work for which the nomination seeks recognition should be lodged on the nomination form (2019 Community Outreach to Physics Award) by mail or email to:

Dr Frederick Osman

NSW Branch Chair Australian Institute of Physics

PO Box 649, Moorebank NSW 1875



The Award will be presented at the Australian Institute of Physics NSW Postgraduate Awards and Annual Dinner on Tuesday 12 November 2019 at the University of Technology Sydney.

For further details, please refer to the nomination form:  2019 Community Outreach to Physics Award 


Nominations close Friday 11th October 2019

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Nominations for the 2019 NSW Community Outreach to Physics Award will close on Friday 11th October. More below.

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Kind regards,

Jodie Bradby
President, Australian Institute of Physics

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