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Public colloquium, Dr Steven Goldfarb from the ATLAS Experiment at CERN

Dr Goldfarb will present a free public colloquium entitled “Hidden Pieces: The Large Hadron Collider and our dark universe”.
People have been fascinated by scientific discovery since ancient times. Today, for the first time ever, we can discover and analyse phenomena that we can neither see nor feel directly. In this fascinating presentation Dr Goldfarb will talk about dark matter, antimatter, and dark energy. He will go into extra dimensions and will look into the 95% of the Universe that we still know nothing about.

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About the speaker:
Dr. Steven Goldfarb is a particle physicist working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. He received his PhD from the University of Michigan in 1991, for research carried out on the L3 experiment on CERN’s Large Electron Positron collider, and began his current participation on the Large Hadron Collider in 1998. He served as ATLAS Muon Software Coordinator and participated in preliminary studies of the Higgs boson search. Most recently, Dr. Goldfarb has focused effort on the challenges of large-scale science communication. He served as ATLAS Outreach Coordinator, overseeing worldwide communication of the Higgs boson discovery in 2012, and launching the award-winning ATLAS Virtual Visit system. Dr. Goldfarb currently chairs the International Particle Physics Outreach Group, coordinates the University of Michigan REU CERN Summer Student and Semester Abroad programs, serves on the US National Science Foundation’s QuarkNet advisory board and the American Physical Society Committee for Informing the Public. Dr. Goldfarb discussed the necessity of scientific exploration for human survival at TEDxTUM, attempted to answer how humans measure what we cannot see at TEDxOporto, and played the role of a purple worm in the production of a TED Ed animation, in which he and his friend Dave (try to) explain how the Higgs boson gives particles mass. He also fronts the popular Geneva-based Canettes Blues Band.

AIP Summer Meeting; jobs; conferences; and more physics in September

The call for abstracts for the Summer Meeting is now open. We are excited to offer this conference as a ‘cheap and cheerful’ opportunity on our off-Congress years. All welcome and we especially hope to see lots of our students and ECR members there.

Senior Instrument Scientist and neutron-scattering expert Helen Maynard-Casely’s Women in Physics Lecture Tour has finished after a mammoth 40+ lectures! I attended her talk in Canberra and loved going on a journey through the amazing crystals of solar system. I was so impressed by her storytelling skills. More below.  

Congratulations also to Pegah Maasoumi, who has been touring around Queensland spreading the word about foldable mobile phones, Ironman’s suit and solar panel winners on the John Mainstone Youth Lecture Tour.

National Science Week was again a success last month and featured everything from coffee in space with our Australian Physics co-editor Davis Hoxley, the Einstein Lecture with Elisabetta Barberio, and a look at whether bigger telescopes are always better, with Richard de Grijs. Well done to everyone who helped to spread the word about physics during the week.

Congratulations to the Dark Matter Particle Physics team with the announcement of their Centre of Excellence. More below.

Congratulations as well to all winners at last week’s Eureka Prizes. While seven physicists were finalists this year, sadly none walked away with a trophy. Next year!

Also this month: Register your interest for the International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors 2020; Virginia Trimble receives cultural award in physics; meet Jane Turner – our September Hidden Physicist; and find an opportunity in our Jobs Corner.

Kind regards,

Jodie Bradby
President, Australian Institute of Physics

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