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AIP-FLEET live-streamed talk: Go big or go home: scaling up quantum computing with optical continuous-variable systems

Presenter: A. Prof Nicolas C Menicucci ,CQC²T Chief Investigator, RMIT

Quantum computers promise to revolutionise information processing by exploiting the curious features of quantum physics. One of the biggest challenges to a viable quantum computer with real-world impact is scaling it up to handle large computations. Optical modes can be stitched together into extremely large entangled resource states for quantum computing, comprising one million modes or more, if continuous variables are used instead of single photons. In this talk, I will introduce the principles of continuous-variable quantum computing and discuss recent theoretical and experimental results in this exciting field.

Join via Zoom: https://monash.zoom.us/j/91157008340?pwd=aVIvdFNyR3FnWUN4a1hnbFc1SDlqUT09
Zoom password: AIP

Nicolas C Menicucci is an Associate Professor of Physics at RMIT University, a Chief Investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T) and senior leader of the QuRMIT Lab (qurmit.org). He and his team perform theoretical research in continuous-variable quantum computing and relativistic quantum information.

What comes after CMOS?

Join us 5 June for a discussion of experts:
—Paolo Gargini, ex-Intel, semiconductor roadmap
—Michelle Simmons UNSW / Centre for Quantum Computation & Communication Technology
—Michael Fuhrer Monash Uni / FLEET


This discussion celebrates the inauguration of IEEE EDS Chapter in NSW – hosted by Francesca Iacopi (University of Technology Sydney) and David Cortie (University of Wollongong).

Discover the future of electronics #beyondCMOS and the role semiconductors/quantum materials play through radical, novel approaches.

Summer Meeting underway; PhD and post-doc opportunities; and more – Physics in December

Professor Andrew Peele Director, Australian Synchrotron
Professor Andrew Peele
Director, Australian Synchrotron

In this edition of the AIP’s monthly email bulletin, we extend  a very warm welcome to the committee members elected at  recent the recent state branch AGMs.

The AIP is active through its branches, and a wide network of volunteer physicists keep the business of the Institute moving smoothly. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming our new committee members, as well as acknowledging everyone who has worked to keep the AIP moving from strength to strength in 2017.
Speaking of volunteers, they are also running the first AIP Summer Meeting now underway. A good turnout from students is already making the meeting a success and I look forward to returning to Sydney on Wednesday to hear more about the latest developments in physics across Australia. More on that below. 

National meetings like this are a great way for students (as well as those of us who are no longer students) to make connections, and to find out about employment prospects around the country. Not coincidentally, the Summer Meeting is held at the time of year that universities start thinking of recruiting, and to help that process there are plenty of job opportunities in this bulletin.

Finally, we offer our congratulations to Professor Judith Dawes on her appointment to the role of Treasurer of Science & Technology Australia (STA). We also extend our sincere thanks to outgoing STA President Professor Jim Piper, Walter Boas medalist and long-time stalwart of the Australian physics community, for his unfailing and enthusiastic advocacy of Australian science throughout his Presidency.

And read on to find out how you can make use of the AIP’s association with STA to get your voice heard in the “Halls of Power” in Canberra next February.


Andrew Peele
President, Australian Institute of Physics

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