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The Funneled Web exists to make the case for the fundamental importance of science and education to Australia.

The following statement was formally adopted by the 23rd General Assembly of IUPAP(International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) in Atlanta, March 20, 1999.
The Importance of Physics to Society.


The following resources are suitable for high school teachers, teaching Physics and Science.

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Science Equipment

  • Science Online Australia’s first dedicated Science industry online community. Lab equipment and consumerables for laboratories.
  • Schoolzone – the UK.s No. 1 Education Site.
  • Getting it to Work – a manual for high school science teachers to provide basic instructions for teachers to help them in setting up difficult demonstrations and laboratory equipment. Previously available online as a PDF file.

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Join the AIP

School teachers who do not have the necessary qualifications to join the AIP as a regular Member (MAIP), but may still join as an Associate member. Membership entitles you to all membership benefits, including receiving the AIP magazine Australian Physics.   See the AIP membership page for more details.