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While The Australian Institute of Physics.(AIP) has used all reasonable endeavours to ensure the information on this site is as accurate as possible, it gives no warranty or guarantee that the material, information or publication made accessible is accurate, complete, current, or fit for any use whatsoever. No reliance should be made by a user of the material, information or publication accessed via this site. The user should instead seek confirmation with the originating area/department or other body within the AIP before making use of the material, information or publication.

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How does The Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) use your Data?

The AIP uses your personal data (e.g. name, address, email address, country of residence) to administer its activities, products, and services and to send information about them to you. The AIP may undertake communications on behalf of other organisations to selected contacts, customers, and members but only to those who have given their agreement to receiving such communications.

The Data We Collect about Users

The AIP logs the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your PC to be able to receive and send information on the Internet.

The AIP collects personal data when you register or update your personal details using online forms.

Inaccuracies and corrections

You can correct or update your personal data using the appropriate online form, by contacting the AIP using the email address on an online form, or if you are not sure whom to contact by emailing webmaster.


The AIP takes care to protect the data it collects about site users, using Secure Site License-approved technology where appropriate.