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Welcome to the AIP WA


The AIP WA Branch held its AGM on the 26th November 2020 and elected a new Committee as follows:

Chair: Stuart Midgley
Vice-Chair: Pourandokht Naseri
Treasurer: Almantas Pivrikas
Secretary: Stephanie Black
Committee Members: Andrea Biondo, John Chapman, John Ferreirinho, Rick Hughes, Gerd Schroeder-Turk, Geoff Swan, Diana Tomazos, Kathryn Hunter, Justin Freeman, Benjamin McAllister, Benjamin Arrow, Bruce Gardiner

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank the outgoing Office Bearers, especially Justin Freeman (Past Chair), Drew Parsons (Past Treasurer) and Benjamin Arrow (Past Secretary).

The 2021 AIP WA Branch Committee held its first meeting on Friday 22th January and have already begun to plan some events for 2021, including 3 Sundowners, the Women in Physics Lecture, the Student Conference and a social event.

We highly value our WA physics community and are most keen to hear of any ideas you may have. We would welcome any contribution that promote and/or strengthen physics in WA.

Wishing you a happy 2021 and hope to see you at one or more of the events during the year.
Kind regards,

The AIP WA Branch Committee
Stuart Midgley(Chair)
Stephanie Black (Secretary)

AIP WA social get together farewelling our past Treasurer Drew Parsons, who is leaving WA for Italy.

WA 2019

The WA Branch started the year with a committee meeting at a local Italian restaurant. We plan on running our regular events and a few new activities. Become a member and stay tuned.
The 2018 AIP Congress was held in Perth and was a great success. Thank you to everyone involved and who attended. We had a lot of interest from high school teachers, and we are hoping to engage this community.
The first event is our March General Meeting, more details soon. Below are some of the regular events we will be hosting.
  • General Meetings – presenting work from the Physics Community
  • National Women in Physics Lecture Series
  • Post-Grad Conference
  • Our Fine Dining AGM
Group photo around Restaurant table
Chair: Dean Leggo,
Vice Chair: Mitchell Chiew and Tristan Ward
Treasurer:  Drew Parsons
Secretary: Andrea F. Biondo
Committee: Kirsten Emory,  Philipp Schönhöfer, Kathryn Wilson, Justin Freeman, Loughlan Weatherly, Diana Tomazos, John Chapman, Marjan Zadnik, and Gerd Schröder-Turk

Welcome to the 2017 AIP WA branch Committee

We have a few events coming up this year, and we are also planning the AIP Congress 2018 in Perth. If you are interested in having an active role with the AIP, please contact Gerd Schröder-Turk at
We have a few General Meetings for you to hear about physics in Western Australia and we are planning on building our ties with other science communities in Perth.

The Committee for 2017 is;
Gerd Schröder-Turk
Andrea F Biondo
David Parlevliet
Dean Leggo
Diana Tomazos
Elaine Walker
Hữu Đặng
John Chapman
John Ferreirinho
Marjan Zadnik
Peter Metaxas
Mitchell Chiew
Rick Hughes