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Welcome to the website of the NSW branch of the Australian Institute of Physics. The NSW branch is very active and this will indeed be another exciting year. Website managed by Dr Graeme Melville.

AIP NSW Office Bearers for 2021:

Chair: Dr Scott Martin
Deputy Chair:  Dr Timothy Van der Laan
Secretary: Dr Fred Osman 
Treasurer: Dr Phil Burns
Committee Member: Dr Graeme Melville (listen to some of his radio interviews: Exoplanets;   Earth’s Pole Reversal – ABC Wollongong;  Earth’s Pole Reversal – ABC Adelaide
Committee Member: Associate Professor Matthew Arnold
Committee Member: Associate Professor Michael Lerch
Committee Member: Danica Solina
Website Manager: Dr Graeme Melville
Please view our calendar and details of coming and past events below. More details will become available as we get closer to the event.

 2021 NSWAIP Event Calendar

  • Next Event 22-Jun AIP/ANSTO/RACI Seminar, Venue: Lucas Heights 6:30PM

  • 23-Jul AIPNSW Members Dinner, Venue: Concord Golf Club 6:30PM

  • 17 Aug AIP Einstein Lecture, Venue: UNSW 6:00PM. Speakers: Prof Iver Cairns and A/Prof Susanna Guatelli. Topic: Space Weather and Radiation Protection on the trip to Mars.

  • 20-Aug AIP Physics in the Pub, Venue: Ashfield Hotel 6:30PM. Why not be a speaker? Applications close 18 June. Nomination form.

  • 4-Nov AIPNSW Industry Day, Venue: CSIRO, 8:30AM-3:30PM

  • 9-Nov AIPNSW Postgraduate + AGM, Venue: Concord Golf Club, 10am-1PM

  • 1-Dec RSNSW Jak Kelly + RSNSW Christmas Party, 6PM

Past 2021 Events:

  • 1st event of the year – Friday 12 March 2021


Presents: 2021 Frontiers of Science Forum

Exploring major discoveries and theories in physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry at this year’s combined AIP, TGNSW and RACI meeting. Please refer to the flyer as registration is necessary for attendance. FLYER


  • April 26, 27 , 28.  AIPNSW WIP Lecture Series, Venue: Sydney and Wollongong. Speaker A/Prof Susanna Guatelli. Two Public Lectures. One at Wollongong Space Centre – bookings at 6: 00 pm on 26 April. Also at Macquarie University on Tues 27 April at 6:00 pm – Bookings. The topic is: Title: Radiation protection of astronauts in human missions to Mars: simulation and reality.


Past 2020 Events:

  • Frontiers of Science Forum: Fri 6 March 2020. 5.15pm-refreshments 6.00pm-presentations. Boston University Sydney Campus, 15-25 Regent Street Chippendale. COST: Nil Includes light refreshments. See FLYER.  

  • Einstein Lecture – Monday 17 Aug ‘ at 6:30 pm. Live Streaming – ‘Life Among The Stars’ by Prof Chris Tinney (Prof of Astrophysics) and Prof Martin Van Kranendonk (Prof of Geology and Director of ‘Australian Centre for Astrobiology’).       FLYER  TICKETS .  See on youtube.

  • 2020 NSW Australian Institute of Physics in the CLOUD 

    Nominations have now closed for physics enthusiasts to express interest in presenting a Five-minute ZOOM entertaining presentation of various forms, (e.g. comedy, quiz, demonstrations) on some aspect of physics at the 2020 NSW Australian Institute of Physics in the Cloud – an online version of Physics in the Pub with added quiz component. 

    The 2020 event is proudly supported by Laboratories Credit Union and will be held by ZOOM for viewing on Friday 21st August from 6:00pm.

  • AIP Industry Day – 

    In 2020 it is not possible to host the annual AIP Industry Day at CSIRO Lindfield as we have done for many years. Neither did we entertain the concept of an all-day virtual alternative. Instead, we will be hosting three virtual events which we hope you will find engaging:

    “Three Faces of Physics”

    Tuesday 3rd November 11am. Three young physicists each a recipient of the CSIRO Alumni Scholarship in Physics will talk about their research careers.

    “Podcast Club – Does Time Exist?

    Wednesday 4th November 8:00pm          FLYER

    Step one: (beforehand) listen to the Infinite Monkey Cage podcast “Does Time Exist?” (hosted by Prof. Brian Cox and Robin Ince on the BBC)

    Step two: Join the Zoom conversation with Tibor Molnar and Prof. Geraint Lewis to ponder the nature of time.

    “Start-ups in Lockdown”

    Friday 6th November 11am

    Three high-tech start-ups will describe how the pandemic has impacted them – from disrupting development activities, imposing cash-flow problems, supply chain issues, disruption in their intended markets – to new opportunities that have arisen as a result of the pandemic. Katie from CSIRO’s Lindfield Collaboration Hub will talk about how the pandemic has affected the hub as well as talking about some of the government initiatives and incentives that are being offered for advanced manufacturing to play a major part in recovery.

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