Australian physics comments

Volume 56, Issue 1:
“Moving clocks do not run slow” by Theo Hughes

Editors’ note:

The article ‘Moving clocks do not run slow’ by Theo Hughes in AP 56-1 has attracted letters to the Editors, suggesting corrections. In response, the author wishes to clarify: “Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback and comment on my article. Based on some of the feedback, one of the first things to emphasise is that the article was not intended to challenge Special Relativity in any way – the article was meant to be a discussion about the way we talk about Special Relativity and, in particular, the way this has an impact on how we might teach it.”

We thank all correspondents for their thoughtful letters, comments and review, accessible via the following links: Don Koks, Jim Hodges, and Vivian Robinson.

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