40th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga, 2016

Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

2nd – 5th February 2016

The 40th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting was held at Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW from 2 – 5 February, 2016.  There were 116 attendees, including international visitors from Scotland, China, Taiwan and New Zealand. A total of
10 invited and 29 contributed oral papers were presented during the two and one half days of scientific sessions. There were also two sessions with a total of 70 poster presentations. All presenters were invited to submit a manuscript (six pages for invited papers and four for contributed papers) for publication in the conference proceedings. Each manuscript was refereed by at least two anonymous reviewers who worked to a set of guidelines made
available by the editor. Each accepted publication therefore satisfies the requirements for classification as a refereed conference publication (E1). The organizers would like to thank
the reviewers for their time and effort in reviewing manuscripts, which resulted in 9 papers being accepted for publication. The accepted manuscripts are available below.  To view a paper just click on its title (one paper is not yet available).

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Refereed Articles

Porosity in Ge and Si1-xGex Alloys Induced by Ion Implantation (WP1) H. Alkhaldi, F. Kremer, T. Bierschenk, J.L. Hansend,
A. Nylandsted-Larsend, J.S. Williams and M.C. Ridgway

Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide from Secondary Sources for Energy Storage (WP3)  A. Biswal, M. Minakshi and B. Tripathy

Commemoration of the Lives of Drs Rod Day and Gordon Troup (INVITED)  J. Cashion

Kaolinite and Halloysite – Does Octahedral Fe2+ Introduce the Extra Water into Halloysite? (TP11)  J. Cashion, W. Gates,
J.M. Cadogan, J. Churchman and L.P. Aldridge

Investigations of the Structural and Magnetic Phase Behaviour of MnSb2-xTaxO6 Solid Solutions (TP6)
H-B. Kang, F. Suzuki and T. Söhnel

Preparation and Characterization of Poly Lactide and Poly (Butylene Adipate-co-Terephthalate) Nanocomposites (TM5)
S. Kashi, R. K. Gupta, N. Kao and S. N. Bhattacharya

X-Radiation in Health and Disease: Novel Approaches to the Study of Disease Processes and Therapy (TA1) D.E. Myers, A.W. Stevenson, S.W. Wilkins, T.J. O’Brien, R.J. Hicks, S.C. Mayo, A. Maksimenko,
G.F. Moorhead,  C.G. Ryan, S. James, M.L. Broadhead, D. Patterson,
M.D de Jonge, D. Howard and D. Häusermann

NEXAFS Anisotropy of Molecular Excitations Preceding the Carbon Continuum Edge in CVD Graphene on Copper (TM3)
H. Wahab, R. Haverkamp, J. M. Cadogan, H.-C. Mertins, S-H. Choi
and H. Timmers

Incommensurate magnetic order in PrNiAl4 (TP15)
R. White, W. Hutchison, M. Avdeev and K. Nishimura

Refractive Index of Graphite and Graphene at Wavelengths Spanning the Carbon K-edge (WP24) H. Wahab, C. Jansing,
H. C. Mertins, S-H Choi and H. Timmers

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