37th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga, 2013

Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

5th – 8th February 2013

You may either download the Entire Conference Proceedings (13 MB pdf) or use the links below to download specific papers. 

Proceedings – Editorial and Program

Proceedings – Papers

  1. (wp4) The S = 1 Bilinear Biquadratic Spin Model on the Square Lattice: A Series Expansion Study
    J. Oitmaa and C.J. Hamer
  2. (fo4) Asymmetric Magnetization Reversal from a Cluster/Spin Glass Model
    L.C. Barnsley, E.MacA. Gray and C.J. Webb
  3. (tp4) Biomimetic Structure Design from Wood with Epoxy–Silica Composites
    N. Daud and R.A. Shanks
  4. (fo2) Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) Block Co-polymer with Epoxy Resin: Preparation, Characterization and Properties
    Sarath Chandran, S. Thomas, R. A. Shanks
  5. (tp9) Non-isothermal Crystallization of Poly(lactic acid)-Hemp-Silica Nanocomposites Plasticized with Tributyl Citrate
    I.R. Mustapa, S. Chandran, R.A. Shanks and I. Kong
  6. (tp2) Electron Self-energy Variation from Rydberg Surface-state Resonances on Cu(110) surface
    M. N. Read
  7. (wp28) Controlled Synthesis of Nanocystalline BaFCl:Sm3+ X-ray Storage Phosphor
    Xianglei Wang, Hans Riesen
  8. (tp3) Si Doping Induced Hydrophobic to Hydrophilic Transition on Graphene: a First  Principles Study
    Q. G. Jiang, Z. M. Ao, S. Li
  9. (fo3) A New Preparation Method to Significantly Improve the Photocatalytic Activity of ZnO Nanoparticles
    Z.M. Xu, J. Lu, Z.M. Ao, and S. Li
  10. (tp25) Exploiting Fitted Electric Field Gradient Parameters: Axis Ambiguity and the Asymmetry Parameter Constraint, 0 ≤ η ≤1
    G.A. Stewart
  11. (tp5) In Scotch Whisky, From Where are the Fe3+ and Cu2+ Ions Sourced?
    Simon C. Drew, Blaine Roberts and G.J.Troup
  12. (to2) A Novel Multi-scale Modelling Approach for Determining the Bulk Properties of Difficult-to-Characterise Composites
    P.J. Mignone, M. Wang, T.R. Finlayson, M.P. Echlin, A. Mottura, T.M. Pollock, D.P. Riley, G.V. Franks
  13. (wp17) The Effect of Fe and Ni Substitution in Magnetocaloric MnCoGe
    Q. Y. Ren, W. D. Hutchison, J. L. Wang, W. Kemp, R. Cobas, J. M. Cadogan and S. J. Campbell
  14. (to6) Effect of External Electric Field on the Application of Graphene
    Z. M. Ao, Q. G. Jiang, and S. Li

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