34th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, New Zealand, 2010

Waiheke Island Resort, Waiheke, Auckland, New Zealand

2 – 5 February 2010

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Proceedings – Editorial and Program


Proceedings – Content

  1. The Crystal Structure of the Close-Packed Polymorphs of Ytterbium: A Quantum Chemical Study
    D. Andrae and B.Paulus
  2. Zero Field NMR and NQR measurements of natural copper minerals
    D. Bennett, D. Miljak, B. Schwitter and J. Khachan
  3. Surface Treatment: New Methods, New Applications
    J.S. Colligon
  4. Kohn Anomaly in Conventional Superconductors: A Surprise
    M.P. Das and R. Chaudhury
  5. X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy Applied to the Study of a Martensitic Transformation
    L. Muller, M. Waldorf, C. Gutt, A. Madsen, G. Grubel, T.R. Finlayson and U. Klemradt
  6. Spin-wave Analysis of the Spin-1 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet with Uniaxial Anisotropy in a Field
    C.J. Hamer, O. Rojas and J. Oitmaa
  7. Magnetic Nanoparticles Synthesised by Ion-Implantation
    A.E. Malik, K. Belay, D. Llewellyn, W.D. Hutchison, K. Nishmura and R. Elliman
  8. Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance Applied to the Study of Near Surface Electron Donors in Silicon
    W.D. Hutchison, P.G. Spizzirri, F. Hoehne and M.S. Brandt
  9. Pulsed ESR Measurement of Coherence Times in Si:P at Very Low Temperatures
    W.D. Hutchison, L.K. Alexander, N. Suwuntanasarn and G.N. Milford
  10. Unbound Surface and Bulk Electron Energy Bands for Al(111) Surface
    M.N. Read
  11. Defect Perovskites in the Sr1-xM1-2xNb2xO3 (M = Ti, Zr) Family
    W.R. Brant and S. Schmid
  12. Modulated Structures in the Fresnoite Family
    P.K. Allen and S. Schmid
  13. Activation of Rh,Pd/CeO2 nano-catalyst
    M. Scott, G. Waterhouse, T. Sohnel
  14. Nanocomposites with physical crosslinks introduced by core cross-linked star polymers into a like-polymer
    S. Spoljaric, T. Kopplmayr, A. Genovese, T.K. Goh, A. Blencowe, G.G. Qiao and R.A. Shanks
  15. Long term structural integrity of high density polyethylene blends investigated by measurement of creep
    S. Spoljaric, A. Genovese, T. Kopplmayr and R.A. Shanks
  16. Carbide Composition and Stress Measurement in Ethylene Pyrolysis Tubes
    K.J. Stevens, B. Ingham, M. Ryan, V. Luzin and K. Cheong
  17. The Crystal Field Schemes for Er3+ in ErCr2Si2 and ErMn2Si2
    B. Saensunon, G.A. Stewart, P.C.M. Gubbens, M. Russina and E. Kemner
  18. Parametric Rietveld Refinement Applied to In Situ Diffraction Studies
    M.J. Styles, D.P. Riley, I.C. Madsen and E.H. Kisi
  19. Investigation of columnar defects in MOD YBCO films by TEM
    J.A. Xia, N.M. Strickland, E.F. Talantsev, N.J. Long and J. Kennedy
  20. Critical Temperature, In-Field Performance and Microstructure of Metal-Organic Deposited YBa2Cu3O7-o Films Doped with BaZrO3
    E.F. Talantsev, N.M. Strickland, J.A. Xia, N.J. Long, M.W. Rupich, X. Li and S. Sathyamurthy
  21. Characterisation and Tracing of Prosthesis Debris: Towards Suppressing the Pathways of Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Wear Particles
    H. Timmers, L.G. Gladkis, J. A. Warner
  22. Micro-Scratching of UHMW Polyethylene Surfaces with 90° Cube Corner Silicon Tips
    Y. Liu, L.G. Gladkis and H. Timmers