32nd Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga, 2008

30 January – 1 February 2008, Wagga Wagga

Proceedings Notes

Contents of Proceedings

1. Modulated Structures for CsMOB2O5 (M = Nb, Ta) from Variable Temperature Single-Crystal X-Ray Diffraction Data
P.K. Allen, S. Schmid and C.D. Ling

2. A study of the Activation of Ion Implanted Phosphorus Donors in Silicon using ESR
N. Bulatovic, W.D. Hutchison, P.G. Spizzirri, J.C. McCallum, N. Stavrias and S. Prawer

3. Au Bonding and Ferromagnetism in Thiol-capped Au Nanoparticles
J.D. Cashion, J.S. Garitaonandia, M. Insausti and E. Goikolea

4. Two-particle Bound States in the S=1/2 Heisenberg Bilayer Model
A. Collins and C.J. Hamer

5. Comparison between Calculated and Measured Photoelectron Diffraction Patterns for Cu (001)
G.P. Cousland, A.E. Smith, J.Riley, S.Homolya, A. Stampfl, J. King-Lacroix

6. Ferrimagnetism in Classical Vector Spin Models
T. Falk and J. Oitmaa

7. Dislocation Annealing in Fine-Grained Synthetic Olivine
R.J.M. Farla, H. Kokkonen, J.D. Fitz Gerald and I. Jackson

8. Electrical and Optical Properties of La0.7Ca0.3MnO3 Polycrystalline and Thin Film
F. Gao, R.A. Lewis, M. Ionescu, X.L. Wang and S.X. Dou

9. Characterisation of Australian Iron Ores Using 57Fe NMR
J. Hindmarsh, B.K. Schwitter and D.G. Miljak

10. Magnetic Ordering Temperatures Across the RNiAl4 Series
W.D. Hutchison, B. Saensunon, R. Ahlefeldt and G.A. Stewart

11. Thermoelastic Behaviour of Silicate Perovskites: Insights from New High-Temperature Ultrasonic Data for ScAlO3.
I. Jackson and J. Kung

12. Relaxation Models Applied to Modulated Force Thermomechanometry of a Silica Filled Flexible Polymer
D. Kaminski and R. Shanks

13. Static Creep and Recovery of Filled Elastomers using Thermomechanometry
D. Kaminski and R. Shanks

14. Morphology and Modulated Force – Thermomechanical Master Curves of Polypropylene-Bentonite Nanocomposites
D. Kaminski and R. Shanks

15. Nanomagnetism and Polarized Neutrons
F. Klose

16. Observation of Magnetization Processes in Soft Magnetic Composites
Z.W. Lin, J.G. Zhu and Y.G. Guo

17. Three-dimensional Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic Composite Materials
Z.W. Lin, J.G. Zhu and Y.G. Guo

18. Direct Positron Surface State Trapping at a Gold Surface
S. Mukherjee, P. Guagliardo, A. Sergeant, A. Weiss and J. Williams

19. The Spin-1 Heisenberg Magnet with Uniaxial (Sz2) Anisotropy
J. Oitmaa and C.J. Hamer

20. Electroresistance of Perovskite Manganites
D.C. Pond and R.A. Lewis

21. Surface Electronic Band Structure of Aluminium (111)
M.N. Read

22. Pushing Small-Angle Neutron Scattering at OPAL to Smaller Q
C. Rehm

23. Lattice Specific Heat for the Intermetallic Series RCr2Si2 (R=rare earth)
B. Saensunon, K. Nishimura and G.A. Stewart

24. Refinement of the Structural Phase Diagram for Calcium-Doped RMnO3 (R=rare earth)
H.A. Salama, N.S. McLean, N.B. Moyle and G.A. Stewart

25. Modulated Structures in the AMOB2O5 Family from Variable Temperature X-Ray Powder Diffraction Data
S. Schmid

26. Terahertz Emission from Mercury Cadmium Telluride
M.L. Smith, R. Mendis, R.E.M. Vickers and R.A. Lewis

27. Tin Clusters under the Electron Microscope – The Real Structure of Ir4CoSn18O19 and Ir10CoSn45O45
T. Söhnel, L. Kienle, C. Rohmann, M. Ruck, and F. E. Wagner

28. Detection of Cu2+ in Red Wines by EPR
G.J.Troup, Laura O’Dea, J.F.Boas and S. Langford Â

29. Rogue Catalysts, Antioxidants, Paramagnetic Ions, EPR and HPLC: a New Protocol Needed?
G.J.Troup, L. O’Dea , J.F. Boas and S.J. Langford

30. Performance Evaluation for a SQUID-based Metal Detection System
F. Weiss and K. Blay

31. Magnetic Property – Structure Relationships at the Nanoscale for Melt-Spun and Aged SmCo-based Alloys
X.Y. Xiong and T.R. Finlayson

32. Evaluation of Noise Reduction Techniques for a SQUID Magnetometer using a Joule-Thomson Cryocooler
C. Kaluarachchi and G.J.J.B. de Groot

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