31st Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga, 2007

6-9 February 2007, Wagga Wagga

Proceedings of the 31st Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting

Proceeding’s Notes

Contents of Proceedings

1. The influence of water on seismic wave attenuation in the Earth’s upper mantle: an exploratory experimental study
Y. Aizawa, A. Barnhoorn, U.H. Faul, J.D. Fitz Gerald and I. Jackson

2. Diffuse X-ray scattering from optically pure Ibuprofen
P.A. Altin and D.J. Goossens

3. An aqueous route for the preparation of VO2-R: an optically functional ‘smart’ material
H. Bai, M. Berkahn and M.B. Cortie

4. Grain-size sensitive viscoelastic relaxation of high-purity MgO
A. Barnhoorn, I. Jackson and J.D. Fitz Gerald

5. Development of a simulation board game based on the physical principles of superconductivity and magnetism for use as a teaching aid
R. Barry and S. Hodgman

6. An investigation of the structural dynamics in the fast ionic conductor Cu2- δSe using neutron

S.A.Danilkin and N.N. Bickulova

7. The partition of stresses in Al-Si-based metal-matrix composites
T.R. Finlayson, J.R. Griffiths, D.M. Viano, M.E. Fitzpatrick, E.C. Oliver
and Q.G. Wang

8. Electrical properties of pure and Oxygen-intercalated Fullerene films
M. Foley, C. Ton-That and L. Kirkup

9. The effect of filters in x-ray phase contrast imaging
A.W. Greaves and P. Cadusch

10. Magnetic order studies of ErNiAl4
W. D. Hutchison, D.J. Goossens, B. Saensunon, G. A. Stewart, M. Avdeev and K. Nishimura

11. Crystallography of biomimetic silica carbonate precipitates
A.-K. Larsson, A.M. Carnerup, S.T. Hyde and J.D. Fitz Gerald

12. La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 buffer layer and YBCO film deposited by PLD
A.H. Li, D.Q. Shi, R. Zeng, J.H. Kim, S.X. Dou

13. Superstructure phase of microwave dielectric Bi1.5Zn0.5Ti1.5Nb0.5O7 pyrochlore
Y. Liu, R.L. Withers and T.R. Welberry

14. Structured diffuse scattering and polar nano regions in the BaTi1-xSnxO3 and BaTi1-xZrxO3 Relaxor Ferroelectric Systems

Y. Lui, R.L. Withers, Xi. Wei and J.D. Fitz Gerald

15. Intermodulation measurements in electroplated PbSn superconducting split-loop resonators
N.R. Lobanov and D.C. Weisser

16. Control of entanglement in a closed, 3-qubit system interacting via an isotropic Heisenberg Hamiltonian
D.J. Miller

17. Te for two II: A neutron powder diffraction study of the structure of the “Ni3InTe” solid solution
L. Noren, A.-K. Larsson, R.L. Withers and H. Rundlöf

18. A simple ferrimagnetic Ising model
J. Oitmaa and I.G. Enting

19. The spin-1 Heisenberg magnet with uniaxial (Sz)2 anisotropy
J. Oitmaa, W.H. Zheng and C.J. Hamer

20. Electronic surface band structure of Cu(111) by the 2D Green’s function (KKR) method
M.N. Read

21. The magnetic environment of the rare earth site in RT2Si2 compounds (R = rare earth, T = Cr & Mn)
B. Saensunon, K. Nishimura and G.A. Stewart

22. Preparation of orthorhombic phase YbMnO3 and Yb2/3Ca1/3MnO3
H.A. Salama, D. Scott, J.B. Taboada, N. Strickland, H. O’Neill & G.A. Stewart

23. Vibration characterisation of a Joule-Thomson cryocooler for a SQUID-based metal detection system
M.A. Santin and G.J.J.B. de Groot

24. Niobium step Josephson junctions
N. Savvides and S. A. G. Vrouwe

25. Neutron diffraction results for three-layer Aurivillius phases containing magnetic transition metal cations: Ru (IV), Ir (IV) and Mn (IV)
N. Sharma, B.J. Kennedy, M.M. Elcombe, M. Avdeev and C.D. Ling

26. Scattering potentials in condensed matter for low energy electrons
A.E. Smith

27. A novel probe head for an electron spin echo study of an Australian coal
N. Suwuntanasarn, W.D. Hutchison, G. Milford and R. Bramley

28. Investigating the photonic behaviours of ZnO nanocrystals
Y.Y. Tay, S. Li and M.H. Liang

29. Mössbauer spectroscopy of iron sites in four Na- and Ca-saturated ferruginous smectites
A. Thomson, J.D. Cashion, W.P. Gates

30. EPR and antioxidant efficiency studies of Resveratrol, Quercitin and Fisetin
G.J. Troup, D.R Hutton , L. O’Dea and S.J. Langford

31. EPR and antioxidant studies of Dark Chocolate, a Red Wine Vinegar and a Cider Vinegar
G.J. Troup, D.R.Hutton, L. O’Dea and S.J. Langford

32. Improving student engagement in third year CMP: a case study
K.F. Wilson and D.J. Goossens

33. Size dependence of critical transition temperatures of MgB2
C.C. Yang and S. Li

34. Emergence of composite spin-1 behaviour in alternating spin-1/2 chains
W. Zheng, C.J. Hamer and R.R.P Singh

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