27th Annual Condensed Matter and Materials Meeting, Wagga, 2003

Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia

4th – 7th February 2003

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Table of Contents – Editorial and Program (Note. The links within this pdf document are obsolete).


  1. (WW03_01Overcritical State in Fe-sheathed MgB2 Superconducting Wires Alexey V. Pan, Sihai Zhou, Huakun Liu and Shixue Dou
  2. (WW03_02Capacitance Dilatometry in a Surface Force Apparatus   A.M.Stewart
  3. (WW03_03) Locally Aromatic Polycyclic Hydrocarbons (LAPHs) as Prototypes for Particulate Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon
    Simon Petrie and Walter W. Duley
  4. (WW03_04Band Structures of the Group I and II Oxides: Using EMS Measurements as a Test of Theoretical Models EA Mikajlo,
    VA Sashin, KL Nixon, B Soulé de Bas, HE Dorsett and MJ Ford
  5. (WW03_05Analysis of Nitrogen-Implanted Tin Oxide Films used in Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells Tuquabo Tesfamichael, Geoffrey Will, Ian Kelly and John Bell
  6. (WW03_06Continuous Wave EPR of the Reduced Fullerene C60 3- J.F. Boas, S.C. Drewa, J.R. Pilbrow, P.D.W. Boyd, P. Paul, D. Sun and C.A. Reed
  7. (WW03_07) Progress at Macquarie University’s Low Temperature Nitride Growth Facility  K. S. A. Butcher, M. Wintrebert-Fouquet, P. P-T. Chen, Z. Zheng, I. L. Guy and T. L. Tansley 
  8. (WW03_08Photoluminescence and Cathodoluminescence Studies of Diatoms – Nature’s Own Nano-Porous Silica Structures
    K. S. A. Butcher, J. M. Ferris and M. R. Phillips
  9. (WW03_09Spectral Weight Contributions of Many-particle Bound States and Continuum Zheng Weihong, Chris J. Hamer and
    Rajiv R.P. Singh
  10. (WW03_10Surface Analysis of Aluminium by Glow-Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry J.M. Long 
  11. (WW03_11) Ion Scattering Simulations of Misfit Dislocations at the Single Crystal Fe2O3/Al2O3 interface S. Maheswaran,
    S. Thevuthasan, F. Gao, V. Shutthanandan and C. Wang
  12. (WW03_12) Measurement of Trace Metals in Powder Activated Carbon (Pac) using Proton Induced X-Ray Emission (PIXE)
    S. Maheswaran, V. Shutthanandan, S. Thevuthasan, T. Hart and S. Vigneswaran
  13. (WW03_13Can we Quantify Trace Metals in an Adsorbent using Proton Induced XRay Emission (PIXE)?  N.N. Yadav,
    S. Maheswaran, V. Shutthanandan, S. Thevuthasan, H. H. Ngo and S. Vigneswaran
  14. (WW03_14The Elusive Magnetic Structure of FePS3 
    K. C. Rule, G. J. McIntyre, S. J. Kennedy and T. J. Hick
  15. (WW03_15Long Term Protection and Functionalization of GaAs Surfaces J.D. Smith, T.R. Finlayson, U. Klemradt, C. Kirchner,
    M. Seitz and J. Sutter
  16. (WW03_16A Low Energy Radioactive Ion Implanter for Materials Studies  S.K. Shrestha, D.J. Smith, H. Timmers, A.P. Byrne,
    D.H. Chaplin, W.D. Hutchison and J.X. Wei
  17. (WW03_17Quantum Critical Points in Ising Systems with a Transverse Crystal Field  J. Oitmaa and A.M.A. von Brasch
  18. (WW03_18An AC Susceptibility Study of Strontium Cobaltates, Ln1-xSrxCoO3-δ where Ln = Y, Ho and Dy.  K.F. Wilson,
    D.J. Goossens, J.M. Cochrane and M. James
  19. (WW03_19) Accurate Stoichiometries of Polycrystalline Indium Nitride Films from Elastic Recoil Detection
    S. K. Shrestha, H. Timmers, K. Scott, A. Butcher and
    M. Wintrebert-Fouquet
  20. (WW03_20Naphthalene Diimides – A Prodigy for Molecular Devices Goja Andric, John Boas, Alan Bond, Marcia A.P. Lee,
    Steven J. Langford, John Pilbrow, Gordon Troup and
    Clint P. Woodward
  21. (WW03_21Whisky – An ESR and Antioxidant Study
    Irwin Cheah, Jim Kelly, Steven J. Langford and Gordon Troup
  22. (WW03_22Room Temperature Properties of the Quasi-0D Quantum Spin-Switching Device    Y. Hancock
  23. (WW03_23The Effect of Unequal Davidoff (Exciton) Linewidths on the Quantum Yield of the Photoproducts of Asymmetric Bichromophoric Molecules G. J. Troup, M. A. B. Deakin, Marina Mazzoni, G. Agati and R. Pratesi
  24. (WW03_24The Distinguishability of Quantum States in Self-Assembled Quantum Dots D. J. Miller 
  25. (WW03_25Finite Temperature Strong-Coupling Expansions For the Kondo Lattice Model J. Oitmaa and Weihong Zheng
  26. (WW03_26Ferrimagnetism and Compensation Points in a Decorated 3D Ising Model J. Oitmaa and Weihong Zheng
  27. (WW03_27Zero Temperature Series Expansions for the Kondo Lattice Model at Half Filling Weihong Zheng and J. Oitmaa
  28. (WW03_28) Oxygen Partial Density of States in YBa2Cu3O7-δ (YBC) G. Jakovidis and A. E. Smith
  29. (WW03_29Modelling of heterogeneous clustering in aluminium A.E. Smith, Laure Bourgeois, Jian-Feng Nie and Barry Muddle
  30. (WW03_30Fermi surface calculations of Cu3Au A. E. Smith 
  31. (WW03_31) Energy Spectrum of the Fe4 Molecular Magnet
    T.J. Burns and J. Oitmaa
  32. (WW03_32Application of a Multiple Mössbauer Spectrometer to Electrochemical Processes in a Prussian Blue-Modified Carbon Electrode  T. L. Greaves and J. D. Cashion
  33. (WW03_33Macroscopic Ferronematic Liquid Crystals Determine the Structure of Kimberley Zebra Rock E. Mattievich, J. Chadwick, J. D. Cashion, J. F. Boas, M. J. Clark and R. D. Mackie
  34. (WW03_34Collapse of Magnetic Hyperfine Splitting in a Soft Magnet Studied by Multiple Spectrum Mössbauer Data Acquisition
    J A Davis, J D Cashion, R Ponnusamy and M Kopcewicz
  35. (WW03_35Spectroscopic Determination of Valence Band Parameters of InP R. A. Lewis and B. C. C. Lough 
  36. (WW03_36Far-infrared Laser Magnetospectroscopy of Donors and Acceptors in Ge C. A. Freeth and R. A. Lewis 
  37. (WW03_37Magnetospectroscopy of the C line of Be in GaAs
    R. A. Lewis , Y-J. Wang and M. Henini

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